How To Get More Students In Your Classes

Do you need to get more students into your classes?

Here is some critical advice to dance teachers on marketing from CEO of DanceTribe: Rakhee

From my experience of mentoring busi­nesses, here are my Top Ten Tips on how to increase your class numbers:

  1. Treat your­self as a busi­ness. You are sell­ing your skills and the dancers who attend are your customers.
  2. Cre­ate photo fly­ers to adver­tise your classes — in order to get the max­i­mum response and shares, try and include the following:
    • Your name – sounds obvi­ous, but is often missing…!
    • Your cred­its – artists / com­pa­nies / pro­duc­tions you have worked with – up to 3 will do. You need to artic­u­late what makes you so spe­cial and qual­i­fied to teach, and this helps!
    • Your Style – hip hop, bal­let etc.
    • Level – begin­ner, inter­me­di­ate etc.
    • Date or fre­quency – e.g. “every Friday”
    • Time – 6.30pm to 8pm, so peo­ple know length of class. They have days to plan around you, too!
    • Name & full address of stu­dio / near­est tube etc. – dancers from out of town might use this as an oppor­tu­nity to train else­where, so make it easy for them to find you
    • Your con­tact details – dancers may have ques­tions before and after class. First time or young atten­dees might be ner­vous and want to speak to you beforehand
    • Price
    • Name of track you have chore­o­graphed to can help if it’s a pop­u­lar one, by a pop­u­lar artist or some­thing dif­fer­ent / quirky

Yes, pretty fly­ers look nice, but are not always effec­tive if miss­ing crit­i­cal bits of infor­ma­tion — go for sub­stance over style! It’s a lot of infor­ma­tion, but it will help get the num­bers up.

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